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One of the biggest mistakes injury victims make is...

Posted by Charlie Donahue | Aug 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

Trusting the insurance company to do the right thing, and dealing with the insurance company on their own. They hope the insurance company will be fair.

Most people want to give the person they are dealing with the benefit of the doubt.

They want to trust.

They want to believe the person from the insurance company will do the right thing -- because most people try to do the right thing, and, yes, almost everyone I deal with is not litigious, is not looking at their case as a lottery, is not looking to hurt anyone else. 

So when they have a problem they go it alone -- and most end up miserably disappointed. 

My advice:

Talk with a lawyer first!

See what the lawyer says.

If you won't need a lawyer and can do it on your own, many will say so.

You have nothing to lose.

Its always a good idea to know where you stand, what your rights are, and all your options.

I'm happy to talk with you.

Charlie Donahue

Injury Lawyer

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